Hotel Management Suite

Our Hotel Management Suite is a combination of 3 different independent solutions:

VineMobile Hotel Management Software (VHMS): This is Stand Alone customized management software that helps manage, digitalize and optimize the general operation of hotels through automation of operations. This stand alone solution is managed by:

  • The administrator (Manages Personnel, Clients, Facilities, SMS Communication/ Customer Relations, Sales and reporting)
  • The Front Desk (Manages New Bookings, View Booking, New Reservation, View Reservation, Search, Receptionist Report)
  • The Store Keeper (Inventory Management, Reporting)

VINEMOBILE ONLINE RESERVATION ENGINE (VORE): This is a solution you can integrate into your new or existing website. This helps in structuring and managing online booking and reservations effectively without any itch.

VINEMOBILE INTERACTIVE HOTEL: This is a complete online solution where all features to that runs a hotel effectively are being integrated. Client doesn’t have to be at the hotel before having a real feel of the hotel. With our Interactive Hotel Solution, the exact representations of the hotel with all her richness are seen without any geographical boundaries. This includes:

  • An Interactive Graphic User Interface Website
  • Easy-to-use Solution
  • Online Reservation and search engine
  • Realtime online booking and reservation
  • Realtime online payments
  • Virtual Tour System into the hotel
  • SEO Solutions
  • Etc


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